Online Platform for Industrial Solutions

Moscow industrial companies no longer need to spend time searching for advanced technological developments to optimize production. Now they have an opportunity to simply get ready-made solutions in the Technology Bank - a special platform launched by the Moscow Industrial Development Agency (MIDA).
"Bank of Technologies is a register of the latest technological developments and provides Moscow enterprises with information on digital products, hardware solutions and other hi-tech achievements increasing the production efficiency. The idea to create such a service came out of the Moscow industrialists' need in proven technologies enabling to digitalize and automate the production. Previously, industrialists were forced to look almost blindly for vendors offering reliable and efficient solutions. Now this problem can be solved in just three clicks on the MIDA website.


All proposals are combined in four main sections:
  1. Hardware (industrial equipment);
  2. Software;
  3. Integrators of automated solutions;
  4. Auxiliary equipment.

Each sections allows to specify the request by selecting the right industry – 1 of the 14 – and 1 of the 9 expected technological benefits. For example, reducing production costs, improving product quality or optimizing production.

If the required proposal isn't found, a request can be submitted through 'Leave request for technology selection' button. In response to a request for assistance in finding a technological solution under individual requirements, manufacturers receive a pool of proposals selected by VMIDA APR specialists according to their requirements.
Technology Bank today is:
State-of-the-Art Automation Solutions
Moscow Software Developer

Supplier can apply for introducing their products and services in the register In the 'For Vendors' section. Before it happens, their products will mandatory pass a thorough check on technological sophistication, scientific feasibility, applicability in production and positive experience in implementation.

The search for suppliers or customers is carried out upon individual requirements and proposals - this is probably one of the main opportunities available in the Technology Bank. It doesn't currently have lots of ready decisions - about 30 at the moment, and only every tenth developer is now suppling decisions for industrial digitalization. However, it won't take too much time to replenish the assortment and to face a growing demand for developers' services. Indeed, the Technology Bank is a fully free service, what is one of its main advantages.
Sergei Shelkovy
CTO, ITProject LLC, a company included in the Technology Bank
"The Technology Bank will help to consolidate all the most effietient solutions. I am sure that the service will become a reliable assistant to industrial enterprises in search of contractors, digitalization and implementation of high-tech developments. The strategic goal of our company is to take a leading position in the global RFID market. We are glad that we have joined the Technology Bank team, and we hope to find here hundreds of new customers who will need to implement comprehensive RFID systems in order to automate business processes and thus to eliminate the impact of human factor and to optimize operating costs as well. It should be noted that the distinctive feature of ITProject is the focus on innovation, quality and reliability. The company specialists have extensive experience in implementing RFID technology in factory, that's why regardless of the industry, customers usually get modern RFID systems sometimes with no analogues in the global RFID market".
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